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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Launch of Legapass

Nice-based startup Legapass made the launch of its unique service official on April 26 at an event that brought together over 200 people on the rooftop of the AC Marriott in Nice.

After several months of research and development, the company is finally ready to offer its unique ultra-secure digital heritage transmission solution to the public. It responds to a need that is growing along with our digital usage: " What happens to our digital heritage after we die? ".

What happens to our digital heritage after we die? "

This heritage, which often has an immense sentimental and financial value, is not listed by the notaries. It gathers our photos and videos, our financial investments, our crypto-currencies, our social network accounts, our mailboxes and all the access codes that we keep in our memory. Very volatile, this information has all the chances to be lost or inaccessible after our death.

On the platform legapass.comyou can now record in full safety confidentiality and with the most high level of securityyour login and access code. They are guarded by military-grade encryption algorithms and stored on servers that are inaccessible from the Internet. No one can access them, not even Legapass technical staff.

Upon death, the company undertakes to transmit his information, under the control of a bailiff, to the heirs designated by the deed of notoriety.


About Legapass

Co-founded in Nice in 2021 by 3 computer engineers: Jean-Charles CheminEric Maïda and Adelina Prokhorova, Legapass is an optimal security solution that is unique on the market, combining cryptography, trusted third parties and offline archiving.

Supported by BPI FranceThe company employs 5 people and is preparing its first round of financing in order to accelerate its development on the national territory and reinforce its technical and commercial teams.


Press contact: Jean-Charles Chemin - Chairman - jc@legapass.com - 01 84 60 20 50


Website: https://legapass.com

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