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How to secure your WhatsApp in 30 seconds? 

We use almost all WhatsApp. It's no wonder that this is the place where people are most often targeted with phishing scams or crypto-currency investments, gifts and even fraudulent job offers.

Here's THE solution: lock your privacy settings in less than 30 seconds!

Thanks to our previous safety tips on phishing attacksYou're probably vigilant enough not to fall for it. But be aware that hackers can execute this scam dozens, even hundreds of times a day. And maybe it's someone you know who'll be fooled. 

Today, we're sharing an easy way to considerably reduce your chances of being targeted. 🎯

And even if you're not a WhatsApp user, these tips can also help you to stay safe on other platforms. 

The key is to limit the amount of personal information that strangers can see. ⛔️

Like many instant messaging platforms, the privacy settings WhatsApp user default settings are fairly light. 

How do I lock my privacy settings? 

To change the privacy settings for your online presence, profile picture, news, groups and status, go to the Settings section of your account, then select Privacy. 

Whatsapp setting
Whatsapp setting

Follow these steps to strengthen your WhatsApp security

Step 1: Reinforce your parameters

1 "Online presence":

  • By default, everyone can see if you're online.
  • Change this setting to make it accessible only to "My contacts or "Nobody".

2. "Profile picture":

  • The profile photo is often public by default.
  • Choose "My contacts" or "Person" to limit its visibility.

3. "Info":

  • This section can include your biography, phone number and status.
  • Restrict visibility to "My contacts" or "Person" for protect your personal information.

4. "Groups":

  • By default, anyone can add you to a group.
  • Change this setting so that only "My contacts" or "My contacts except..." can add you.

5. "Status":

  • WhatsApp statuses are temporary publications that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Choose who can see your statuses My contacts", "My contacts except..." or "All".

Additional tips

  • Activate two-step verification This feature adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to enter a PIN code in addition to your password when logging in.
  • Never share your PIN code or your WhatsApp verification code with nobody.
  • Beware of suspicious messages Never click on links or download files from people you don't know.
  • Report suspicious messages or unwanted contacts to WhatsApp.
  • Remember to protect your WhatsApp account to be able to transmit it with Legapass.

Remember that safety is a shared responsibility. Encourage your friends and family to adopt similar security practices to protect their personal data on WhatsApp and other platforms.

In addition to these tips, here are some additional resources to help you stay safe on WhatsApp:

By following these simple tips, you can secure your WhatsApp account in less than 30 seconds and considerably reduce the risk of being the target of a scam or hacker attack.

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