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What is digital data?

Digital data is becoming more and more present these days, which is whyit's important to know what digital data is.

Used to facilitate access to information, digital data can be stored and shared via documents, to communicate and to carry out online transactions.

This is sensitive information that deserves maximum security.

The use of digital data

Digital data are generally stored in the form of files.Digital data can be stored in a variety of formats (text, image, video, etc.) on different media (hard disk, USB stick, online server, etc.), and can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. There are many ways of collecting and processing digital data.

  • Companies often use data management software enabling them to store and analyze the information they have collected on their customers, purchase histories, and all customer account transactions.
  • Governments and international organizations also use databases to monitor and analyze trends and statistics in key sectors such as the economy and healthcare.


➡️ On Legapassbeyond the personal informations we need to verify your identity, you are entering sensitive data as passwords or access codes.

✅ All this sensitive information is figures and stored offline in physical safes thanks to our patented technology guaranteeing their protection at the highest level of security.

Data for Artificial Intelligence

Digital data has also played an important role in the rise of artificial intelligence. and robotics, as we are currently seeing with theOpenAi Chat GPTOpenAI is a "language model trained by OpenAI", designed to help people answer questions and provide information on a wide range of topics. 

To the question: are you a search engine? The tool answers:

"I am not a search engine, however, I can use my previously acquired knowledge and artificial intelligence to try to find answers to your questions."

Using complex algorithmsThese technologies can learn from vast quantities of data to perform tasks autonomously.

Digital data protection: the challenge of the century

However, the collection and use of digital data also raises issues of confidentiality and privacy..

Companies and governments must therefore be responsible for how they use this data, and how they organize themselves to protect it.

✅ Use strong, unique passwords Strong, unique passwords are difficult to guess or crack, making them an effective way of protecting digital data.

✅ Data encryption Encryption involves transforming data into an indecipherable code, making it inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

✅ Using firewalls and security software Firewalls and security software protect computers and networks against online attacks.

✅ Staff training Data security: training staff in data security and online threat awareness can help prevent data leaks.

✅ Compliance with regulations and data protection laws Data protection: governments and companies must comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations, which may include provisions on the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

Digital data has therefore become an essential part of our daily lives, and has important implications in many areas. It is therefore important to protect privacy and to prepare the data succession.

Your digital information is precious and forms your digital heritage. Make sure your family can recover them after your death securing the transmission of your digital heritage with Legapass.

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