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Manage a Lydia account after death in 3 steps?

Lydia, what is it exactly?

Lydia is a French company that specializes in managing payments via a smartphone application.

The application allows you to receive and transfer money.

You can create an online kitty.

The payment or the reimbursement are made without RIB, the telephone number of the person to be reimbursed is sufficient.

As a true means of payment, Lydia allows you to pay in stores or on shopping sites online. Payments are made via the application or via a bank card. There are three types of cards. The blue, green or black card with increasing services from the most classic to the most elaborate. Each card is linked to a bank account. Much more than an application, it is a real online banking which allows you to manage your expenses via your mobile.

It has a personal loan service that allows you to subscribe to micro-credits from 100 to 3 000€. The access conditions are minimal and can even be done from a cell phone.

It is also possible to spread a large expense over 6 to 36 months.

Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

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How do I get my money back from a Lydia Kitty?

There are 3 ways to recover money from a kitty.

Before you begin, you should contact Legapass to find out if your deceased loved one planned to pass on their digital heritagein which case you will be able to manage your Lydia account directly using its accesses.

And if you have not yet opened your Legapass accountWhy not take advantage of this opportunity!


  • Manage the amount directly through the application Payments will be debited from the kitty using contactless payment (using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) via the Lydia card, on the Internet using Internet cards, or by withdrawing the amount in cash via an ATM and a Lydia card (codes that you can also obtain via Legapass).
  • Convert all or part of the amount in gift cards.
  • Transfer the amount of the kitty to a bank account by clicking on the "Accounts" on the application. Then click on "Use"and then on "IBAN" and choose the account.

Attention, if the account is not in the list, you will have to link it. To do this, either go to "Accounts" then "Manage my beneficiaries and click on the 3 small dots on the top right, or you can enter the IBAN directly at the time of transfer.




How do I stop Lydia from being taken?

It is possible to manage and stop withdrawals at any time by going to the menu "Direct debit. You must select the mandate, then click on "Delete the mandate".



To close an account on Lydia

To close an account, the balance of all accounts must be equal to 0.

➡ Lydia account without card

Directly via the mobile application, click on your profile on the top left, then on the cogwheel on the top right of the page that just appeared. Then click on "Delete my accountat the bottom of the screen. A confirmation of deletion is displayed, you confirm by clicking again on "Delete my account at the bottom of the screen.

A 2ème confirmation appears, asking you if you want to close. Then click on "Yes." if you confirm the deletion.

You must then specify the reason why you wish to close your account (Tip: if you are in a hurry, click on "I don't use it".).

Then you must choose between the option "Temporarily" and "Definitely".

If you click on "Definitely"You must confirm that your balances are at 0 by clicking on "Yes.".

You will then receive an email from Lydia once the account is closed.

It is also specified that the data are kept for a period of legal duration of 5 years.


➡ Lydia account with card

From the application, click on the profile at the top left, then on "Stop Lydia Bleu.

"Lydia Blue" will remain active until the end of the subscription.

After this manipulation, proceed in addition to the deletion of the account as seen above (in the paragraph Lydia account without card).



How do I delete a Lydia account?

If you do not have access to the Lydia application, because no digital asset transfer has been set up:

Go to the following linkclick on "Need help" at the bottom of the page, then fill out the form by checking the account(s) concerned before attaching the proof of death and your ID, then click on "Send request.


And to avoid this kind of inconvenience to your loved ones, create an account to simplify their access to your data.

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Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

No need to look for your passwords.
No need to contact platforms.
No need for waste your time.

We'll take all the hassle out of it!

No account limits!
* Platform permitting.