Managing an Airbnb account after a death

Nowadays, it is more and more common to to rent his home for a short or long time on Airbnbin order to have a financial complement. In France, in 2020, more than 400,000 hosts rented their property to more than 8 million travelers.

You or someone you know may have an Airbnb account. Renting one or more properties, this account represents a real financial complement.

Upon the death of the person owning the account, if the person's accesses are not passed on to the heirs, there may be account management issuesThis is because customer reservations will continue to be made but will no longer be taken care of. The legatees also risk lose the profit and profitability of the assets.

The account may have been highly rated, the asset(s) on it may have been in "superhost" mode, and that's something that takes time to get.

Without access codesIf they want to continue renting out this/these property(ies), the heirs will have to recreate an account and will lose the benefit of the property's reputation on Airbnb (good ratings, good reviews etc.).



You can ask Airbnb to remove the account

➡ You do not have the account accesses

If one of your relatives dies and has an Airbnb account you can contact the company and, with your identity and the death certificate of the person concerned, Airbnb will be able to only delete his account.

On the other hand, Airbnb will not be able to give you access to the account, the username and password of the deceased will remain confidential.

Thanks to Legapassthe Airbnb account holder will be able to register your login and its access code on the platform. Therefore, you will be able to retrieve them at the time of the succession. You will be able to manage his account, and thus keep his good reputation and the financial gains he makes.

But you can also delete it if that's what you or the deceased wants.

Now that you know what's at stake, make sure that your descendants can access all of your digital possessions by creating your account on Legapass.

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