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How to manage a Yahoo account after death?

How to recover a Yahoo Mail account?

Your loved one had a account Yahoo. You certainly want to access it before you close it permanently.

A Yahoo account implies a email address and also services like most email accounts. So we know that these accounts are full of files with among others photosand therefore memories.

If you wish to retrieve information in memory of the deceased, you must first obtain the access codes for the account.

How ? By calling on Legapasswhich will transmit the digital heritage of your deceased loved one.

Once you have the keys, it's thedigital world of your loved one to which you now have access. All you have to do is to refer to the line related to the Yahoo account and retrieve the username and password.

Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

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Closing the account is easy

Before any fencing, be sure to harvest all the items you want to keep.

Start with the data download which is described below.

You have the possibility to retrieve the account data by clicking on the link « Découvrez comment télécharger les données que vous souhaitez conserver » then on "Go to the Your Privacy Settings page.". Then click on a product and then in the upper right corner, click on « se connecter » to display the data.

Comment télécharger les données ?

  1. Go to the menu "Manage your information" and then click on "Download and view your Yahoo data".
  2. Then click on Download my data.
  3. Select the product(s) data, for which you want to retrieve data, in your download.
  4. Then click on Next.
  5. Enter the email address that will be used to inform you when the download is available.
  6. Finally, click on Request download.


Comment clôturer le compte ?

Using the Yahoo login and password provided by Legapass, log in to the account and click on the account username and then on the link that appears « Infos compte ». Then click on the button « Aide » on the left of the new page and then on « Créer ou supprimer un compte ». In the right-hand menu, select by clicking « Fermer ou réactiver votre compte Yahoo ».

Cliquez sur le lien : « Log in to the Yahoo account cancellation page ".

Read the information and click on « Poursuivre la suppression de mon compte ».

You must now enter the e-mail address before validating by clicking on « Oui, résilier ce compte ».

The deletion confirmation request is confirmed.

In case of error or if you have not recovered everything, you have the possibility to reactivate the account for a period of 90 days by reconnecting.

Without Legapassno access to the account

Indeed, Yahoo's terms and conditions do state that neither the account nor its content can be transferred in the event of death, unless you are a German user or are able to present an Irish court order making a request for disclosure of content.

A process has been established by Yahoo to close the account and delete its content.

We indicate below how to delete without account access.

Comment faire supprimer un compte Yahoo ?

In the event of a death, you can request that your loved one's Yahoo account be deleted.

To do this, you must complete a form on Yahoo support and provide them with :

  • the death certificate of the deceased
  • identification of the closing applicant
  • a letter explaining the request containing the Yahoo ID of the loved one
  • a document attesting to the applicant's legitimacy as executor or personal representative of the deceased

Procédure de clôture de comptes groupée

Log in by clicking on this link.

And let us guide you to fill in a form that allows you to close several accounts simultaneously if you do not have access to them.

We can no longer ignore our digital life, as much facilitate access to our data by our legatees !

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Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

No need to look for your passwords.
No need to contact platforms.
No need for waste your time.

We'll take all the hassle out of it!


No account limits!
* Platform permitting.