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- Security Is our core business 🔐

You entrust us with the keys to your digital assets, and we owe it to you to guarantee their security!

The future of your assets is safe!
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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

The security of your data isour priority !

That's why we wanted to create a service that was secure enough for everyone to be able to confidently deposit access to their most valuable digital accounts so that they could one day be returned to their rightful beneficiaries.

🔐 1st security level: Encryption

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Your data is encrypted

The data you send to Legapass is instantly encrypted using OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.

Asymmetric cryptography

Even before you register, we have generated key pairs and your private key is held by one of our partner bailiffs.

🔐 2ᵉ security level: offline safes.

icon offline safe

They are secured offline

The best way to protect your data is not to leave it online, that's why we use offline safes.

Hard disk number

iStorage encrypted disks

We use encrypted disks from iStorage because they offer the highest level of security and certification available on the market today.

🔐 3ᵉ security level: secure return

Verification of identity

Double-checking of the applicant's identity in-house and verification of original documents by video conference.

documents check

Authorization to return

In the case of an estate, we ask the applicant to provide the death certificate. If everything is in order, we validate the request for restitution

Restitution to your beneficiaries

The file is sent encrypted

After all the verifications, we send the contents of your safe as an encrypted file.

icon secure transmission

The bailiff sends your private key

We then ask our partner bailiff to send the private key to decrypt the encrypted file.

Find out how to secure your digital assets! 🔐

- Asymmetric cryptography at the heart of Legapass

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There are different types of cryptography in the security world. At Legapass, we have chosen theAsymmetric cryptography.

It allows us to offer you a decentralized architecture,which means you don't have to share your data with anyone.

How does it work?

The principle of this type of cryptography is based on the use of two keys which allows respectively to encrypt or decrypt a message. In this case, it is the data contained in your safe at Legapass

We have chosen Open PGP to encrypt your data and make it unusable if the recipient does not have your private key.

PGP uses a combination of encryption methods such as hashing, data compression, symmetric key encryption and public key encryption to protect data.

Trivia: PGP was once used by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden to contact journalists and reveal the existence of several U.S. and British mass surveillance programs.

When you register with Legapass, a public key from encryption is assigned to you. The private decryption key is kept by our partner judicial officer. These key pairs have have been generated beforehand under the control of one of our partner bailiffs.

Please note that these are not physical keys, but two pieces of encryption algorithm.

Legapass public key

Your public key

It allows you to encrypt your information instantly before sending it to your Legapass safe.

Legapass private key

Your private key

It allows us to decipher your information and will be kept by one of our partner bailiffs until it is returned.

When you register an access code on our platform, it will be directly encrypted in the web browser with your public keyguaranteeing that Legapass will never have unencrypted access to your information.

Test it and see for yourself!

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Here's how Legapass gets it:

This is the first level of security we offer. 🔐

A technology ofoffline archiving unique

Your data is encrypted and that's already a good thing but it's still very insufficient in terms of our security requirements ❌ That's why your encrypted information is then stored on hard drives that are located in a physical vault through an offline process. This process keeps your data out of reach of any cyber threat. A patent application is pending to protect our technology, as it is unique! ✅

When going offline, we duplicate your data and send it to several physical safes deployed in different geographical areas in France.

offline hard drive

Why keep your data offline?

Offline storage methods should never be overlooked in your backup strategy if you want optimal protection against data loss.

They allow to escape all online attacks (viruses, hacking...) and use neither software nor cloud.

That's why at Legapass, offline storage isn't just a USB stick, DVD or external drive. 

hard disk istorage

Hard drives with military-grade security!

We have chosen encrypted disks from the company iStorage to store your information because they offer the highest level of security and certification available on the market today.

FIPS 140-3

FIPS 140-3

Protection against extraction of hard disk components.



Crush resistance with a pressure of 2.7 tons.

IP68 certified

IP68 certified

Certified waterproof to a depth of 1.5 m and dustproof.



Programmable self-destruction when a specific PIN code is entered.


Automatic lock when disc is unplugged.

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This is the second level of security we offer. 🔐🔐

Identity and document verification

verification of your identity

Your identity

When you register on Legapass, you must enter your identity as it appears on your passport.

Restitution to your beneficiaries

That of your beneficiaries

In the event of an estate or incapacity, we must ensure the identity of your beneficiary.

ID Check

Double-checking of the applicant's identity in-house and verification of original documents by video conference.

documents check

Document analysis

For example, in the case of an estate, we ask the applicant to provide us with the death certificate.

Once the authentication has been validated by Legapass, we give the encrypted file to the beneficiary. We then send the request for restitution to our partner bailiff who will deliver the private key.

Return of the safe

When the request for return is validated, Legapass will send the contents of your safe in the form of an encrypted file.

icon secure transmission

Delivery of the private key

After the usual verifications, our partner bailiff will hand over the private key allowing the decryption of the file.

This is the third level of security we offer. 🔐🔐🔐

icon figures

OpenPGP encryption

To ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, it is instantly encrypted from end to end.

icon zero access

"Zero Access

The data you entrust to Legapass cannot be used without the 2 keys thanks to asymmetric cryptography.

icon offline safe

Offline safe

In addition to being taken offline, your data is secured identically in multiple geographic areas.

icon secure transmission

Secure transmission

The retransmission takes place under the control of a bailiff after all the usual verifications.

FAQs on the security of your data at Legapass

Do you have questions about Legapass? The most frequently asked questions are listed in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you haven't found the answer to your question, go to the chat.

We do not hold the private key associated with your public key. It is kept offline at a bailiff's office who will forward it to you in the event of a claim or to your beneficiary(ies) once our service has verified your identity. We will send our part of the information (your encrypted information) to your beneficiaries as well.

Your passwords are encrypted instantly via OpenPGP, a reference in the field. It is unlikely that a hacker will be able to recover them before they are offline. If they do, they won't be able to decrypt them because they don't have your dedicated private key. 

The hard drives on which your encrypted passwords are stored have military-grade security and encryption and are located in ultra-secure safes.

Finally, our hard drives are equipped with auto-lock security which automatically locks the drive when it is unplugged. 

No, the bailiff will never have access to your passwords in clear text, because he does not have access to the contents of your safe. 

To be able to attack our technology today, one would have to possess a quantum computer with a computing power estimated between 2.6 and 3.10 million real qubits. If getting a quantum computer is already impossible for a single individual, the biggest difficulty is the technological barrier.

To give an idea, the world famous computer company IBM currently has a quantum computer with an estimated power of 433 qubits. This is far less than what it would take to threaten our system. To go further on the quantum computer : How does a quantum computer work?

We have set up a Bug Bounty program to solicit talented people (hackers, cyber security experts...) to identify and mitigate any security threats.

What happens if LEGAPASS ceases to operate: If LEGAPASS ceases to operate, users' personal data will retain their security and inviolability guarantees offline. This data may be transmitted upon request within 30 days to the user or to his beneficiaries in the event of death, according to the procedure in force. After this period, all hard drives containing personal information or copies thereof will be destroyed.

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